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    2 Years


    The candidate must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree securing at least 50% marks o

    The two-year full time MBA programme is an innovatively conceived programme integrating state of the art development in the field of management education. Going beyond the exclusive focus on large and organised sector, the programme also addresses issues of micro, small and unorganised sector of the economy. The programme focuses on wealth generation as much as wealth management by sensitizing students to wider socioeconomic issues and by creating awareness on the importance of enterprise creation.

  • Programme Structure
    2 Years


    The candidate must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree securing at least 50% marks o


    • The compulsory courses include foundation courses in the functional areas of management along with courses sensitizing participants to the wider context of business and management. These include basics in the areas of public policy and social entrepreneurship as well.
    • By focusing on essential skill development through courses on Business Communication and Personality Development, SBPPSE ensures that the focus remains on the student and their immediate needs.
    • All participants are required to undertake a summer internship of 8-10 week duration worth 4 credits after the completion of first 2 semesters in Year I.
    • In the second year, electives are available from the domain of Finance and Accounting, Marketing, HR and OB, Operations Management and Decision Sciences, Economics and Public Systems and Contemporary Issues.
    • Apart from the electives offered at SBPPSE, students can choose electives offered by the other Master level programmes in the University.
    • Students are also equipped with sound practices for conducting independent research by encouraging them to undertake a study of a real life management problem/ academic research and documenting it in the form of a project report through a compulsory course on project study in the 4th semester of the programme worth 4 credits.



    • Learning pedagogy is based on a mix of reflections on readings, case studies, activities and simulations. Emphasis is on interactive and group learning to promote team-skills.
    • The School follows a policy of continuous assessment and grade based evaluation; students can pick up credits from programmes offered in other Schools within the University.
  • Programme Outcomes
    2 Years


    The candidate must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree securing at least 50% marks o

    • Integrate theoretical frameworks, practices and techniques from multiple functional perspectives - Organisational Behaviour/ Human Resources/ Marketing/ Finance/Operation to address managerial issues and challenges
    • Understand the impact of international dimension on business decisions, and the political, legal and social environment in which the business operates
    • Communicate effectively across formats with all the stakeholders in order to bridge diverse perspectives and culture
    • Recognize problems and opportunities, and demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning for analysis and planning
    • Use appropriate research tools, techniques and methodology, and possess proficiency in the use of data to identify and analyze management issues with an interdisciplinary approach.
    • Apply ethical principles in personal and work sphere
    • Function effectively as a member or a leader in diverse teams.
    • Inculcate entrepreneurial spirit with innovative approach, and initiate a new enterprise of their own
    • Understand the diffusion of inclusivity, sensitivity and sustainability
  • FAQ
    2 Years


    The candidate must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree securing at least 50% marks o

    Not required as of now, we will provide FAQ for Admission to MBA 2020-22 as soon as possible, which will be part of our Landing Page of MBA Admissions 2020-22

  • Courses
    2 Years


    The candidate must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree securing at least 50% marks o

    Semester 1

    Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credit
    SBP2MB128Business Communication and Personality Development2
    SBP2MB124Business Statistics2
    SBP2MB109Human Resource Management2
    SBP2MB126Managerial Economics2
    SBP2MB130Management Science2
    SBP2MB122Marketing Management2
    SBP2MB221Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility2
    SBP2MB103Organizational Behaviour2
    SBP2MB125Financial Accounting2
    SBP2MB131Management Accounting2
    SBP2MB121Business, Culture and Society 
    SBP2MB127Issues and Perspectives in Public Policy 


    Semester 2

    Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credit
    SBP2MB227Business Research2
    SBP2MB229Summer Internship Project4
    SBP2MB222Innovation and Entrepreneurship2
    SBP2MB223Leadership and Change2
    SBP2MB228Spreadsheet Modelling2
    SBP2MB226Structured Thinking and Problem Solving2
    SBP2MB205Corporate Finance2
    SBP2MB204Operations Management2


    Semester 3

    Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credit
    SBP2MB321Business Laws and Corporate Governance2
    SBP2MB506Business Valuation and Corporate Re-structuring2
    SBP2MB322Strategic Management2


    Semester 4

    Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credit
    SBP2MB421Project Study4


    Elective Courses

    Area: Finance and Accounting

    Course CodeCourse Name
    SBP2MB501Financial Derivatives
    SBP2MB502Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
    SBP2MB503Financial Markets
    SBP2MB504Micro Finance
    SBP2MB505Strategic Cost Management
    SBP2MB506Business Valuation and Corporate Restructuring


    Area: Marketing

    Course CodeCourse Name
    SBP2MB611Brand Management
    SBP2MB612Consumer Behaviour
    SBP2MB613Integrated Marketing Communication
    SBP2MB614Services Marketing
    SBP2MB615Retail Marketing
    SBP2MB616Sales and Distribution Management


    Area: HR and OB

    Course CodeCourse Name
    SBP2MB721Building Teams for Excellence
    SBP2MB722Diversity and Intercultural Management
    SBP2MB723Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring
    SBP2MB724Performance Management
    SBP2MB725Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills
    SBP2MB726Compensation and Reward Management


    Area: Operations Management and Decision Sciences

    Course CodeCourse Name
    SBP2MB831Supply Chain Management
    SBP2MB832Service Operations Management
    SBP2MB833Enterprise Resource Planning
    SBP2MB834Advanced Management Science Methods
    SBP2MB835Total Quality Management
    SBP2MB836Managing E-business Operations


    Area: Economics and Public Systems

    Course CodeCourse Name
    SBP2MB941Political Economy
    SBP2MB942Global Business Environment
    SBP2MB944Rural and Urban Land Systems
    SBP2MB946International Economics


    Area: Contemporary Issues

    Course CodeCourse Name
    SBP2MB901Internship with NGO
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