Faculty Profile


Dr. Anand Burdhan


  • PhD, Department of Asian and Ancient Studies, Mghadha University, Bodh Gaya, 2010.
  • M.A. Museology, National Museum Institute, New Delhi. JRF(UGC)
  • B.A. University of Allahabad.

Past Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management Feb 2001 to April 2021

My Zone / Area of Expertise

  • Heritage management and museums studies, historic architecture, art and iconography.


  • Won medal in Bihar Pratibha Pratiyogita Organized by Navbharat Times, Patna
  • Merit Scholarship in Intermediate by Magadha University, Bodh Gaya
  • Scholarship for getting the heights marks in B.A. I year by Ewing Christian college, Allahabad
  • First position in Inter Collegiate Quiz competition organized by the Philadelphia Hostel, Ewing Christian college, Allahabad
  • Smt. Sunder Devi Memorial Medal by Alumni Association Ewing Christian college, Allahabad
  • Second prize in extempore speech organized by the Philadelphia Hostel, Ewing Christian college, Allahabad
  • Merit Scholarship by National Museum Institute, New Delhi for Consecutive two years
  • First prize in extempore speech organized by Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti, New Delhi
  • Second prize in Creative Writing organized by Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti, New Delhi
  • Honoured with Memento by Akhil Progressive and Cultural Society(Regd.), New Delhi
  • Honouredby RastrakaviDinkarNyas and Akhil BharatiyaNetrahin Kalyan Parishad, 23rd Sep, 2011
  • VisisthaSewa Samman by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Narender Bhai Modi for excellent contribution in the field of museums and heritage on the occasion of Bihar Centenary Celebration 2012.



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  • Colonial Museums : An Inner History, RIP, New Delhi, 2016 (ISBN 978-93-5171-064-6).
  • Museological Pedagogy, Colonial Politics versus Peoples’ Museography RIP, New Delhi, 2016 (ISBN 978-93-5171-051-6).
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  • History and Heritage Through Maps, Kitaab Mahal, New Delhi.
  • SanyashiVidroha: EkAithihasikPunaranvesan(Hindi) under publication, Lok Bharti Prakashan, Prayagraj.


The Arena of Indian Museums, Museums Association of India, published during Common Wealth Museum Conference in Mumbai, 2010.

Book Review

Harinarayana. N., “Heritage Management and Museology”, reviewed in the Journal of Indian Museums, 2008

Articles(Referred Journal)

  • DidarganjYakshi and Her Museum Journal of India Museums JOIM, ISSN No. – 0970-9894 Vol-LXVIX, 2015
  • Anthropology and Museums JOIM, ISSN No – 0970-9894 Vol – LXVIII, 2014
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  • Sanskrit for Sustainable Development, Visvavara, Rastriya Sanskrit Pratisthan and IGNCA, Delhi ISBN No – 978-938-0935-02-07,2012
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  • SanskritikRashtravada Aur Bharat, published in Rashtravadaka Bharat Nama, Orient Longman, New Delhi.

Special Lectures/Paper Presentation

  • Classical Indian Concept of Art Conservation, AISC Conference, Gangtok, 1994
  • Delivered various lectures for Indian Venture of Travel and Tourism on various subject related with Indian art and architecture, organized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, 2001-02
  • “Cosmology and Indian Art” in Art Konsult, 2002
  • Symbolism in Early Buddhist Art, Tibet House, New Delhi, 2005
  • Mauryan Art, for the student of Art Appreciation Course in National Museum Institute on 4 Nov.2004
  • Symbolism in Hindu Architecture, INTACH, 2005
  • Museum and their Role in Heritage Management, Rajdhani College University of Delhi, in Refresher course for lectures organized by UGC, 2006
  • Symbolism and Religious Architecture of India, INTACH, 2006
  • Monuments of Chandni Chowk for the CMC, Tata Group of Industries, 2006
  • Understanding Religion Aesthetic in Museum Gallery, lecture delivered in seminar organized by Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial, 2006
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Indian Museology, National Annual Conference of Museums Association of India, IGRMS, Bhopal,2007,
  • Indigenous Methods of Care, Curation and Conservation for Tattvabodh series of National Mission for Manuscripts, New Delhi, 27th April, 2007
  • Heritage Management Problems and Prospects, Science Branch, ASI Dehradun, 22nd August, 2007
  • The Lingobhava Image of Nand and Temples of Ajaipal, Rajasthan, State Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority, 28th August, 2007
  • Delivered a series of lectures on Heritage and Historical Site Management in National Museum Institute in Feb-Mar. 2008
  • Colonial Museology in India, National Annual Conference of Museums Association of India, Salarjung Museum, 2008
  • Indigenous Methods of Cultural Conservation, National Conference of Museums, Association of India, NRLC, Lucknow,2009
  • Systems of Ritual Purification with Special Reference to Kumbhabhishakam and Thirumanjanam, at Science Branch, ASI Dehradun, 2009
  • Delivered a series of lectures on Indian Art and Architecture for Volunteers of Commonwealth Games in IITTM, New Delhi, 2009-2010
  • Delivered a series of lectures on Indian Architecture and Museums for EDUSAT-VYAS channel of UGC during years 2009-10
  • ‘Khajuraho:A quintessential Representation of Womanhood’, National Annual Conference of Museums Association of India, Feb. 2010
  • Art and Architectural Heritage of Bihar, Bihar Vikas Parishad, Surat,Gujarat, India, Feb, 2010
  • History and Heritage of Magadha, Nav Nalanda Mahavihar, Nalanda, Oct. 2010
  • KeynoteAddress on Museum as a Venue of Social Advocacy on 3rd Dec, 2010 at National Seminar organized by the Centre for Museology and Conservation i.e., sponsored by UGC, University of Rajasthan.
  • Delivered lecture in National seminar sponsored by UGC on Archaeology and Museology Prospects and Challenges on Art and Architectural Heritage of India at Assumption College, Kerela on 22nd Dec, 2010
  • Monuments of Delhi, Aga Khan Trust, 2010
  • The Repertoire of the Art and Architecture of Konark, National Annual Conference of Museums Association of India, 17th Jan, 2011
  • Heritage Tourism and Career Prospects at Aga Khan Trust, New Delhi, 28th Jan, 2011
  • Growth of Indian Cultural Heritage from Ancient to Modern times, DITTM, New Delhi
  • Indigenous Methods of Cultural Curation, Orientation course for Assistant Professor organized by the UGC, at Delhi University,Nov, 2011
  • RastrakaviRamdhari Singh Dinkar and his Literary Works, Dinkar Birth Anniversary, organized by Dinkar society, New Delhi, 23.Sep, 2011
  • Nalanda Ki Virasat , Organised by the Nalanda Foundation at Nalanda,1st Nov, 2011
  • Genesis and Growth of Indian Architecture, Orientation course for Assistant Professor organized by the UGC, at Delhi University,Nov, 2011
  • Sacerdotal Museography: A Study on the Methods of Ritual Purification at National Seminar at NCERT, organized by DIHRM, New Delhi,11.Nov, 2011
  • Metaphysics of Hindu Temple, 21st session of the Indian Art History Congress, Kolkata, 2012.
  • Lord Shiva and his Manifestations in Indian Art and Iconography, 22nd session of Indian Art Congress, Mumbai, 2013.
  • Chakrambiyamandala: A Cosmography of Philosophical Inclusivism, 23rd session of Indian Art History Congress, New Delhi, 2014.
  • Colonial Antiquarianism, John Hubert Marshall and Archaeological Site Museums, 70th session of Museums Association of India, Guwahati, 2015.
  • Elephant in Indian art and philosophy, University of Kelania, Sri Lanka.
  • Sacred Space as an Open Air Museum, Keynote address in National conference at Museum of Swami Narayan Temple, Ahmedabad.
  • Classical Injunctions on Cultural Conservation: A Study on Indigenous Indian methods of cultural conservation in a national seminar of MAI hosted by NRLC, Lucknow.
  • Need for Museums on Revolutionary Nationalism, special lecture in national seminar hosted by Allahabad museum, 2019.
  • Women in Indian Society, lecture delivered in national seminar organized by Ishwar Saran Degree College, University of Allahabad, 2019.
  • River Goddess Ganga as mentioned in ceremonial songs of Chath Puja, presented in a seminar of Draupati Foundation hosted by Indira Gandhi National Center of Arts, 2019.
  • Iconography of Hindu Deities of Temples, Allahabad Museum, 2019.
  • Heritage Conservation Regional and Indigenous Methods, Allahabad Museum, 2019.
  • Excavations at Vangchhia, Mizoram: An archaeo-historical interpretation, Allahabad Museum, 2019.
  • Lord Siva in Indian Art:A Metaphysical Reinterpretation, National Museum Institute, New Delhi, 2019.
  • Military and Weaponry System of Gupta Period, International seminar at BHU, 2019.
  • The Age of Pushyamitra Sunga:An Art Historical Reappraisal, Keynote address, Aryabhatta College, Delhi University, 2020.
  • Science and Sanskrit Literature, Keynote address, Mata Sundari College, Delhi University, 2020.
  • Heritage of Magadh, Heritage Society Patna (webinar) 2020.
  • Sacred complex of Hindu Gaya, Heritage Society Patna (webinar) 2020.
  • Fatah Bahadur Shahi and SanyashiVidroh, Dr.Bheem Raw Ambedkar University, Mahu, M.P.
  • ‘Ramkatha’ in world literature, international seminar organised by Heritage Society in collaboration with Magadh University, Bodh Gaya.
  • Anand Coomarswami and his interpretation of Shaiva Literature, International Seminar, IGNCA, Delhi.
  • Khudiram Bose and Ideological Perspective of Revolutionary Nationalism, Regional Centre, Ranchi, IGNCA, Delhi.
  • Anand Coomarswami and Indian Art History, Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, BHU, Banaras.
  • Anand Coomarswami: Philosophic Interpretation of India Art, Mahatma Gandhi AntarastriyaVishvidayalya, Vardha, Maharastra.
  • Education and Ethics, ISDC, University of Allahabad, (Faculty Development Program ,UGC).
  • Cultural Nationalism and India, ISDC, University of Allahabad, (Faculty Development Program, UGC).
  • Visvakarma and Visvakarmaprakash, A Description on Art, Architecture and Conservation, International Seminar, IGNCA, New Delhi.
  • Consecration and Cultural Conservation; A Study on Purificatory Rituals of Hindu Temples, International Seminar, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2021. (This is the description of a selected lectures from a long series of presentations made in different universities and colleges)

Paper Presentation on Vyas Channel (EDUSAT) UGC

  • Harappan Architecture, 1st Feb, 2010
  • Early Rock Cut Caves of Western India, 28th July, 2010
  • Development of Stupas in Sunga and Satavahana Period, 2nd Aug, 2010
  • Evolution of Nagar Style of Temple in Gupta Period, 3rd Aug, 2010
  • Museums of India, 26th Oct, 2010
  • Understanding Social Changes in India, 14th Dec, 2010
  • Mahatma Gandhi and India’s Cultural Heritage, Oct, 2011
  • Delivered a series of lectures on ‘Museum History and Modern Methods of Display’ during year 2013-14.

Orientation/Refresher Course

  • Practical Guide to Fundamentals of Indian Numismatics organized by IIRNS, Nasik from 3-7-2008 to 17-7-2008
  • Refresher course on Organization and Management of Sensitive Collection, organized by LBSM, New Delhi From 15-6-2007 to 21-6-2007
  • A special lecture on Indian Heritage and cultural nationalism for orientation program of UGC at Ishwar Saran Degree College, University of Allahabad.
  • Orientation course from Rmanujan College, Delhi University.

Talks on Lok Sabha TV

  • Sanyasi Revolt
  • Coronation and the state of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
  • The last Hindu ruler of Delhi-HemachandraVikramaditya
  • Revolutionary nationalism
  • Kumbh mela of Prayagraj
  • Ramjanmabhumi temple – Ayodhya
  • Nationalist literature
  • Sun cult in ancient India with special reference to Chath puja, etc.

Talks on All India Radio

  • A spoke on the cultural heritage and economic life of various Indian states like Sikkim, Delhi, Pondicherry and Dadra Nagar Haveli as part of the program Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat.


Prepared write-up for television documentaries such as:

  • Kalaganana,
  • Hum Aur HamariImarten,
  • Bhartiya Dhatuvijan

Syllabus Review

  • Reviewed syllabus of Art and Conservation for Maharshi Dayanand University, Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • Reviewed syllabus of Museology and Conservation, Rajasthan University, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • Worked for the Syllabus Review Committee of Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, GGSIP University, New Delhi

Member of National Level Committees

  • Ex-Member of selection board as subject expert, Staff Selection Commission, New Delhi.
  • Ex-Member of national grant committee,National Archive, New Delhi.

Museum Designing and Exhibit Installation

  • Designed “National Philatelic Museum”. New Delhi, for Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India, 2000(His outstanding work as an young museologist was widely appreciated by scholars, philatelists and art historians).
  • Developed Village Heritage Complex at Anandpur, Sonipat, Haryana, 2007 for Heritage Foundation headed by Shri Vijay Goel, Minister of State, Govt. of India.
  • Designed Temple Museum at Old Rangnathji Venugopal Temple,Pushkar, Rajasthan.
  • Designed exhibition ‘Ajadi Ki Ranbheri’ for IGNCA, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India as part of Savatantrata Ka Amritmahotsava, 2021.
  • Designated as ‘content developer’ and ‘curator’ for forthcoming exhibition (19Nov,2021) on First War of Independence (1857) by IGNCA, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

Study Material

  • Prepared study material on various subjects of Indian art, literature and heritage for IGNOU, Delhi, 2021.

Educational Kit for Schools

  • Worked for developing educational kit for ‘financial literacy’ for school students (9th to 10th), NCERT, New Delhi, 2021.

Movement for Heritage Conservation

  • Heritage conservation movement at Pushkar, Rajasthan
  • Heritage and conservation movement at Apsadh, Nawadah, Bihar

(These initiatives taken by me has been widely covered by localnewspapers and T.V. channels)

Professional Association

  • Secretary, Museums Association of India, from 2010 onwards.
  • Member of Indian Art History Congress
  • Member Indian Archaeological Society.
  • Member of International Council of Museums.