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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Discipline CoreSBP2MB8352

Semester and Year Offered: Semester I (Slot II) October 3, 2018 to December 7, 2018

Course Coordinator and Team: Anshu Gupta

Email of Course Coordinator: anshu[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Pre-requisites: Foundation course in statistics at graduate level

Aim: Objective of this course is to introduce the principles of business excellence, generate knowledge and skills to use models and techniques for the implementation of total quality management. The course focuses on prerequisites to TQM, higher management role in quality management, quality management methods and significance of quality gurus’ contribution to the management of modern organizations and quality standards.

Course Outcome:

  1. After completing this course, student will be able to
  2. Assess the importance of quality management for an organization and discuss the contributions on quality by pioneers of the field.
  3. Critically appraise the requirements for effective quality management and comprehend the key aspects of total quality management.
  4. Comprehend and apply the tools and techniques of quality management.
  5. Discuss quality management systems, awards and excellence models

Brief Description of Modules/ Main Modules:

  1. Unit 1: Introduction and philosophies of TQM (3 hours)
  2. Unit 2: Prerequisites of TQM (1.5 hours)
  3. Unit 3: Customer Focus and Satisfaction (3 hours)
  4. Unit 4: Total Employee Involvement (1.5 hours)
  5. Unit 5: Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) (3 hours)
  6. Unit 6: SPC, SQC Techniques and Acceptance Sampling (9 hours)
  7. Unit 7: Quality Function Deployment (QFD) (3 hours)
  8. Unit 8: Benchmarking and Strategic TQM (3 hours)
  9. Unit 9: Quality Management Systems and Standards (3 hours)

Assessment details with Weights:

  • Case Analysis 15% (throughout semester)
  • Research paper review 15% (throughout semester)
  • Project 10% (throughout semester)
  • Quiz 20% (5th Week)
  • End semester 40% (9th Week)

Suggested Readings

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Additional Readings

  • Evans, J.R., and Lindsay, W.M. (2005). The Management and Control of Quality, 6th Edition, South-Western (Thomson Learning)
  • Gryna, F.M., Chua, R.C.H., and Defeo, J.A., (2006). Juran's Quality Planning and Analysis for Enterprise Quality, Tata McGraw-Hill Education
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