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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation ElectiveSBP2MB9412

Semester and Year Offered: Monsoon Semester 2018

Course Coordinator and Team: Dr.K.Valentina

Email of course coordinator: valentina[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Pre-requisites: No

Aim: The aim of the course is to gain an understanding of the Political Economy, of how political process is crucial in determining any Public Policy focusing more on the Indian context.

Course outcomes

  1. Analyse how institutions of politics and economy function and influence each other in democratic countries
  2. Explore different theories and ideologies which work as a base for economic systems.
  3. Understand the relevance of different stakeholders in formulating political economy of any country.
  4. Evaluate the historical trajectories and contemporary challenges in the way towards a global political economic framework.

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

  1. Philosophical foundations of Political Economy, Introduction to Political Economy of India.
  2. Indian Constitutional arrangements, Institutions, Politics and Governance
  3. Role and Relevance of Public Sector Companies
  4. Politics of Economic Growth: States, markets and inequalities, Crony capitalism, Social movements, Identity politics, Geopolitics

Assessment Details with weights:

  • Project Study: 40%,
  • Poster making: 10%,
  • Attendance/Class participation/Discipline:10%
  • End Semester: 40%.

Suggested Readings (Apart from these books Articles from Journals or Newspapers will be given as study material):

Suggested Readings

  • Basile, E., & Harriss-White, B. (2010). India’s informal capitalism and its regulation. International Review of Sociology, 20(3), 457-471.
  • Bardhan, P. (1998). The Political Economy of Development in India: Expanded edition with an epilogue on the political economy of reform in India. OUP India.
  • Caporaso, J. A., & Levine, D. P. (1992). Theories of political economy. Cambridge University Press.