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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSBP2MB1322

Semester and Year Offered: Semester I in Year I

Course Coordinator and Team: Kalindi Maheshwari

Email of course coordinator: Kalindi[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Pre-requisites: Nil

Aim The objective of the course is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the macro economic theory and policies that affect business.

Course Outcomes:

  1. To introduce basic macroeconomic theories in appreciation of the disparity in educational backgrounds
  2. To develop analytical insight based on core macroeconomic principles
  3. To contextualise understanding of the functioning of the global economy and its interconnectedness
  4. To understand major macroeconomic events and their impact at various micro levels
  5. To understand the role of a representative consumer in the economy

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

  1. Unit 1: Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
  2. Unit 2: Components of Aggregate Income
  3. Unit 3: Demand for Money
  4. Unit 4: Macroeconomic Policies
  5. Unit 5: Aggregate Demand and Supply

Assessment Details with weights:

  • Case analysis/ assignments 25% (throughout course)
  • Mid semester 25% (4/5th Week)
  • End semester 25% (8th Week)
  • Individual Project 25% (throughout course)

Reading List

Recommended Texts

  • D’Souza, E. (2012). Macroeconomics, 2ndedition, Pearson: New Delhi
  • Keneddy, P.E. (2012). Macroeconomic Essentials: Understanding Economics in the News, 3rdedition, PHI: New Delhi
  • Mankiw, N. G. (2012). Principles of Macroeconomics, 6thedition, Cengage: New Delhi
  • McEachern, W. and Indira, A. (2012). Macro ECON: A South Asian Perspective, 1stedition, Cengage: New Delhi
  • Rangarajan, C. andDholakia, B. (1979). Principles of Macroeconomics, Tata McGraw Hill: New Delhi