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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSBP1BB0154

Course Description:The course on Environmental Studies will provide knowledge and competencies to the young graduates to understand the environmental processes, systems and intersections to enable them to take appropriate management decisions. The course includes the basic concepts about the environment and prepares the learners to mitigate the problems faced by the planet Earth through business interventions. The course emphasizes that the knowledge of environment and its processes are important for decision making at various levels.

The course, carrying 4 credits, will comprise of six units.

  • Understanding Environment and Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • Natural Resources and Their Conservation
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Environmental Pollution, Solid Waste and Disasters
  • Social Issues and Environment
  • Field Work

Assessment Pattern (Tentative)

Mid Term Assessment


End Term Assessment


Project/Field Study


Group Assignment, Quizzes and Presentations


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