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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation ElectiveSBP2MB6122

Semester and Year Offered:

Course Coordinator and Team: Prof. Kartik Dave

Email of course coordinator: kartik[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in


Course Objective: The objective of this course is to familiarize students to the consumer decision making process and its main influencing factors, drawn from behavioural science disciplines such as psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of the course the students will be able to:

  1. Apply consumer behavior concepts to real-world strategic marketing management decision making
  2. Demonstrate how as a marketer you can use your knowledge of consumer behavior concepts to develop better marketing programs and strategies to influence those behaviors
  3. Evaluate critically the effectiveness of various advertisement and promotions and their attempts to influence the behaviors of individuals
  4. Analyze the trends in consumer behavior, and apply them to the marketing of an actual product or service

Brief Description of Modules/Main Modules:

Unit 1: Introduction to Consumer Behaviour (8 hours)

Consumer research; Consumer behaviour and marketing strategy

Unit 2: Internal Influences on Consumer Behaviour (10 hours)

Psychological factors affecting consumer behaviour; Motivation and involvement; Personality, self-image and life style; Consumer perception, consumer learning, consumer attitude formation and change; Communication and consumer behaviour

Unit 3: External Influences on Consumer Behaviour (10 hours)

Influences of culture on consumer behaviour; Subcultures and consumer behaviour; Social class and consumer behaviour; Reference groups and family; Consumer influence and the diffusion of innovations

Unit 4: Consumer Decision Making (4 hours)

Decision making process; Decision making outcomes

Assessment Details with weights:




Case analysis and presentations

20 %

Mid Term

20 %



End Term



Reading List:

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