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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSBP2MB1212

Semester and Year Offered: First Trimester,(Monsoon Semester 2018)

Course Coordinator and Team: K.Valentina

Email of course coordinator: valentina[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Pre-requisites: Not Applicable

Aim: The aim of this module is to introduce the students to the International and Indian business environment and the history of evolution of business along with contemporary issues of multiculturalism and globalization.

Course outcomes

  1. This course will also enhance their understanding of various dimensions of relationship between Business, Culture and Society.
  2. Analyse the role of social stratification issues in the crosscultural frameworks.
  3. Undestand the relevance of global citizenship through business and culture
  4. Emphasise the values of multiculturalism, empathy, responsibility towards sustainable development though good business practices.

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

  1. Unit 1: Business, origin and growth Introduction to Strategic Management
  2. Unit 2: Caste, Class, Gender and Business in India
  3. Unit 3: Immigration and Multiculturalism
  4. Unit 4: Stakeholders and business
  5. Unit 5: Values and Business

Assessment Details with weights:

  • Role Play 10% (second week)
  • Mid semester 40% (4/5th Week)
  • End semester 40% (8th Week)
  • Group Project 10% (throughout trimester)

Reading List

  • Bagla, G (2008) Doing Business in 21st century, 1st Edition, Hachette.
  • Bardhan, P.(2010) Awakening Giants, feet of clay, 1st Edition, Princeton University Press.
  • Damodaran, H. (2008) India’s New Capitalists: Caste, Business and Industry in a Modern Nation, Permanent Black.
  • Harris,J (2006) Power matters: Essays on Institutions, Politics and Society in India,Oxford University Press.
  • Kohli, Atul Politics of Economic growth in India, 1980-2005, Part 1 and 2, EPW, Vol 41. April 2009
  • Lawrence,A(2010 Business and Society-Stakeholders,Ethics and Public Policy,Academic internet publishers
  • Tripathi, Dwijendra (2004) The Oxford History of Indian Business, Oxford University Press.