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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
SBP3PM103 Research Methodology – I 2
SBP3PM202 Multivariate Data Analysis 2
SBP3PM201 Supervised Study Course 2
SBP3PM101 Philosophy of Research in Management 2
SBP3PM203 Qualitative Analysis Methods 2
SBP3PM104 Research Methodology – II 4
SBP3PM102 Theoretical & Critical Perspectives in Management Research 4
SBP2MB834 Advanced Management Science Methods 2
SBP2MB321 Business Laws and Corporate Governance 2
SBP2MB611 Brand Management 2
SBP2MB721 Building Teams for Excellence 2
SBP2MB128 Business Communication and Personality Development 2
SBP2MB227 Business Research 2
SBP2MB506 Business Valuation and Corporate Re-structuring 2
SBP2MB612 Consumer Behaviour 2
SBP2MB723 Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring 2
SBP2MB725 Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills 2
SBP2MB726 Compensation and reward Management 2
SBP2MB722 Diversity and Intercultural Management 2
SBP2MB833 Enterprise Resource Planning 2
SBP2MB125 Financial Accounting 2
SBP2MB503 Financial Markets 2
SBP2MB124 Business Statistics 2
SBP2MB501 Financial Derivatives 2
SBP2MB946 International Economics 2
SBP2MB204 Operations Management 2
SBP2MB502 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 2
SBP2MB229 Summer Internship Project 4
SBP2MB942 Global Business Environment 2
SBP2MB109 Human Resource Management 2
SBP2MB613 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) 2
SBP2MB222 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2
SBP2MB1001 Internship with NGO 2
SBP2MB223 Leadership and Change 2
SBP2MB131 Management Accounting 2
SBP2MB132 Macroeconomics 2
SBP2MB126 Managerial Economics 2
SBP2MB836 Managing E-business Operations 2
SBP2MB523 Microfinance 2
SBP2MB130 Management Science 2
SBP2MB122 Marketing Management 2
SBP2MB221 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 2
SBP2MB944 Rural and Urban land Systems 2
SBP2MB941 Political Economy of India 2
SBP2MB121 Business, Culture and Society 2
SBP2MB127 Issues and Perspectives in Public Policy 2
SBP2MB103 Organizational Behaviour 2
SBP2MB724 Performance Management 2
SBP2MB421 Project Study 4
SBP2MB615 Retail Marketing 2
SBP2MB616 Sales and Distribution Management 2
SBP2MB505 Strategic Cost Management 2
SBP2MB832 Service Operations Management 2
SBP2MB614 Services Marketing 2
SBP2MB228 Spreadsheet Modelling 2
SBP2MB226 Structured Thinking and Problem Solving 2
SBP2MB322 Strategic Management 2
SBP2MB831 Supply Chain Management 2
SBP2MB835 Total Quality Management 2
SBP2MB205 Corporate Finance 2
SCC2LA213 Seven Forms of Poetry 4