The School offers a two year MBA programme which seeks to develop a holistic approach to business and profit within the larger context of our society and economy. The MBA Programme of SBPPSE began in 2012, the sixth batch of MBA graduated in 2019. The school launched PhD in Management in academic year 2018-19. The programmes at SBPPSE attempt to foster an interdisciplinary environment which has the potential to engender cross fertilisation of ideas across knowledge formations while transcending the artificial divisions between academia and the world of practice. Courses are designed to foster critical thinking and develop a climate of conceptual analysis and introspection to inculcate a spirit of rational inquiry among the students. The best of academic resources including the latest technologies are used in the curriculum transaction; students are provided with the relevant skills that match globally accepted standards of excellence. The School sees immense opportunity in the creation of new knowledge in areas of contemporary relevance, and in offering programmes using non-conventional models such as online and distance education. Offering continuing education for adult learners and vocational training are other opportunities that the university aims to tap.